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Custom Boathouse Floating Boat Shelter

Boathouse Boat Shed Sales & Construction


SMNG’s custom-built floating boathouse boatshed provide boats unparalleled protection from the elements. These floating boat shelter boatshed designs incorporate state-of-the-art features that include clad in double-V panels extruding from 25 gauge aluminum stock, with hurricane ties between the roof and wall trusses, and for structural integrity, steel pipe U-bars.

These floating boathouse boatshed provides extras with ample storage space for dinghy or  recreational water crafts; a mezzanine to stow away your gear and/or have a handy work bench. If you wish to take it to the next level, you can even incorporate apartment living quarters float home. As unique as you wish them to be, our engineering team can custom design and build impressive quality boat shelters that are exceptional value.

Boathouse boat shelter moorage space at both Lynnwood and Mosquito Creek Marina rates start from $9.09 per square foot on an annual basis (exclusive of GST, Hydro, and live-aboard fees if applicable).

Boathouse boat shelter construction is priced approximately $83 per square foot, depending on the custom design and features you choose.  For further inquiries please complete Boat Shelter form. Our skilled team will contact you shortly with availability, pricing, and ideal moorage options. Squamish Nation Marine Group can build a custom floating boat shelter boatshed that will not only protect your investment, but give more freedom and time to enjoy your boat with business associates, family and friends.

Since our acquisition of Lynnwood Marina, we have completed dozens custom boat shelter boatsheds. Lear more in detail about boatshed floating boat shelter specifications  and of the features that make our custom floating boathouse best suited to the extremes of the pacific.