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Dock Building & Construction

 Timber & Concrete Dock Construction

SNMG is established as Canada’s premier marina specialist engineers in the design, supply and installation of floating docks and floating structures at marinas, waterfront and harbour locations.  Developed through years of research,  the result of understanding the demands of yachts and expectations of the modern day marina, Squamish Nation Marine Group is positioned to deliver superior quality marina installation solutions to any marina development or waterfront refurbishment.

Designed to exceed industry standards, Squamish Nation Marine Groups’ heavy duty timber dock’s solid and stable design can withstand the most extreme elements of the Pacific North West; maintenance free as possible; economical to build and has exceptional longevity. We also wanted our timber dock frames to be the float to our concrete dock HDCD which was accomplished with Squamish Nation Marine Group’s HDTD.

Each dock section is:

  • 11×40
  • Framing & Blocking consists of 4×12 fir/hemlock (pressure treated)
  • Lag bolts are 5/8 inch and 8-12 in high quality galvanized fasteners
  • Decking consists of pressure treated fir (actual 2”planks)
  • EPS is wrapped in 60 mill HDPE by our HDPE Welding crew

Engineered, built and tested for optimal performance, all products and structured to function exceptionally because of testing at our commercial Marinas. Come see the docks yourself, there are no thru bolts to tighten.  Our docks serve us well through high winds, rough seas and other elements mother nature has given us.  HDPE is shipped easily and installation is engineered site-specific. Custom sizes and configurations are available to meet any waterfront and setup is minimal.

The timber docks are built with 4 x 12 pressure treated timber and decked with rough fir. All cut edges are re-treated to prevent rot. Galvanized bolts and lags are for fastening. The floatation is HDPE covered Styrofoam. HDPE floatation is made on site at Squamish Nation Marine. Designed for easy service access, a Wireway runs thru the center of the dock. The docks are built in 10 x 40 ft sections and are easily spliced together for the desired length. Cleats can be added or tie rails if that is your choice. It is very easy to add water spigots and power pedestals to the mix. The freeboard on the docks is about 17-18″. They are solid and sturdy and easy to maintain. If you are looking for top rated docks built with exceptional quality at a low price, please give us a call.


Concrete Floats

If concrete floats are what you’re looking for, we can help. For yo

ur marina, boat shed or float home, we can custo

m make what you need. Sections up to 50 ft long and 15 ft wide can be built at

The Creek Marina in North Vancouver.

  • Epoxy Coated Rebar
  • Spacious Service Way
  • Wailer Connected Sections
  • Easy Access Hatches

After years of trying and testing third party built floating wharf products, we have learned that it failed to meet our demands and satisfaction. This inspired Squamish Nation Marine Group to design and develop a heavy duty timber dock system that is proven to be the most durable, fire resistant and cost effective floatation dock system available today.