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HDPE Float Welding


SNMG’s high-density polyethylene HDPE Float Dock Welding division custom designs and  builds environmentally friendly high-density polyethylene HDPE float frames and block pontoons made available for a variety of dock float solutions. These completely water-tight float frames are extrusion welded.

Built rugged and virtually unsinkable, an obvious choice for longevity, strength and environmental sensitivity, these floatation frames have a  low carbon footprint and  are an excellent alternative to Styrofoam float dock construction.Floating Dock Construction Canada

With Styrofoam buoyancy billets poor for the environment, the advent of HDPE billets UV deterioration is not an issue. The high-density polyethylene welding will not have water intrusion  avoiding decomposition of Styrofoam due to exposure to fuel and other marine related conditions since the Styrofoam is sealed within a watertight enclosure.

Designed for structural strength beneath the water not above it, HDPE float frames offers superior buoyancy, a multi-talented high load environmentally friendly material that shows no effects of corrosion, minimal marine growth and does it require maintenance and the high-density polyethylene is both viscous tough and highly flexible due to its superior tensile strength. Due to popular demand, a designated welding division now concentrates on all dock float needs, our team can custom design and build it for you.

For additional information on HDPE floatation welding or any of our commercial marine services. Please contact Quinn Schneider (604.830.6212 / email Quinn)